She encounters her little horse boyfriend and decides to rescue the horse.

Athena’s journey began as a rescue horse, a soul that had endured neglect and hardship. When Jojo and Lakyn first laid eyes on Athena at an auction, she was a mere shadow of her true self, her emaciated frame resembling a bag of bones. Covered in dirt and seemingly devoid of affection, Athena bore the scars of a difficult past.


Athena’s transformation from a withdrawn and forlorn horse to one that could open up and accept love was not immediate. She shied away from human contact, having likely never experienced the warmth of affection. Jojo and Lakyn patiently stood by her side, offering their presence and care, inching closer to her with each passing day.


In the midst of Athena’s healing journey, Duke, a mini horse, entered her life. Though smaller in stature, Duke shared a similar past with Athena – one of loneliness and a lack of companionship. The connection between Duke and Athena was instant, even through a fence that separated them.


As Duke and Athena began to spend time together in the same pastures, their bond deepened rapidly. They became inseparable friends, finding solace and joy in each other’s company. Athena’s once-depressed spirit began to lift, and she opened up to the love and friendship that Duke offered.


Duke’s devotion to Athena knew no bounds. During mealtime, he positioned himself beneath Athena, ready to catch any morsel she dropped, ensuring she had every bit of nourishment she needed. Duke also stood guard over Athena, protecting her while she ate and making sure no harm befell her.


The friendship between Duke and Athena had a transformative effect on both of them. Athena, once a horse burdened by depression and neglect, blossomed into a horse who learned to love and trust again. Her physical condition improved, and she reached a healthy weight.

Athena and Duke’s heartwarming story served as an inspiration to Jojo and Lakyn. Witnessing the incredible transformation in Athena’s life, they were motivated to continue their mission of rescuing and caring for more horses in need, knowing that love and companionship can work wonders in healing wounded hearts.


In the tale of Athena and Duke, we witness the remarkable power of friendship and love, transcending the boundaries of species. Athena, once a horse who had forgotten how to trust, found happiness and healing in the presence of her mini horse boyfriend, Duke. Their bond serves as a testament to the resilience of the spirit and the profound impact that compassion and companionship can have on the lives of animals. Their story reminds us that love knows no bounds, and it has the incredible ability to mend even the most wounded hearts.